Sweet Deals on Easton Wheels!

by art on July 21, 2010

Let me just say I love Easton wheels. I have been racing cyclocross on the EC90 SL and EC90 Aero’s (tubulars of course) for 2 season now. I am a big guy (195 or so) and I have yet to knock these wheels out of true. I don’t even know how many miles I have ridden these since i race them in the summer as well, but it is a ton.

I will post a more detailed review of these amazing wheels later. The reason for todays post is to let you know of a sweet deal I found on Easton EC90 SLX tubulars. At 1175 grams for the set these are some super light wheels. Like all Easton EC90 wheels it is hand built and features ceramic bearings, R4 SL Hubs and axles.. A nice touch is that Easton also includes Swiss Stop pads with all of their new wheel purchases. Don’t even waste your time with other pads, Swiss Stop is all you will ever need. Anyway RealCyclist.com is blowing these out for $1199.37, that is 40% off which is as close to wholesale as you are gonna get. These are some kick ass cyclocross wheels! While Easton does not have a weight restriction keep in mind these are very light weight wheels so if you are a big guy then you may want to look at something a bit beefier for cyclocross. Better to err on the side of safety.

Easton EC90 SLX

Sweet Wheels!

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