Cyclocross is Coming!

by art on July 14, 2010

I know it is hard to think about glueing up cyclocross wheels when it is in the 90′s but cyclocross season is less than 3 months away. I have been using my race wheels on the road all summer and will probably keep the road skins on til about 2 weeks before my first race. I know a lot of people say tubulars are expensive and a pain in the ass. This is pretty much true and if I raced only on the road I am not sure I would bother with the hassle. Cross on the other hand there really is no substitute for tubulars. There is no way you can run the low pressure that cross requires with clinchers.

For me the cyclocross season really begins when I glue up my first set of race wheels. There is something about the ritual and process that really connects me to the sport. The act of working on your own bike is a statement of ownership. I want to know that all bolts have been tourqed, I want to know what my tire pressure is, I want to feel connected to my machine.

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